The Science of Light

I learnt that if I were to bounce either a LED light or a laser beam on a glass mirror the LED light would go further because it is easier to track the beam of light. I also learnt that although the laser has a stronger beam and is focused on a particular spot that it does not go far unless you angle the mirror precisely to the next mirror.

If you want the laser beam or LED light to be shining upwards you have to tilt the mirror upwards and if you want the source of light to be hitting the ground then downwards. I think this is so because the mirror facing upwards is like the concave part of a spoon so the light bounces of in direct straight lines but the convex part of a spoon is the mirror facing downwards.

I think this would be put to good use if I wanted to pursue engineering as career. It is important because if they were to reinforce Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb due to dimness of the light after a long period of usage, they would want to know how they the light can bounce off mirrors so that they can maybe add some into the bulb in the direction of the beam of light.


By Grace

Springvale Snow Festival

On the Sunday 29th of July, we walked to the Springvale shopping center to perform on stage along with the Drama club.
Before we got on stage the MC introduced himself and a Buddhist monk did some blessings, then the MC introduced us, 5/6 MM from St Joseph’s to come up and play the recorder.
Using our magnificent recorders and magnificent minds we played the songs Jamaican Jack and Clavaious beautifully to the huge Audience. After we played, the Drama club got on and danced to many great songs including a performance with the remix for “ Let It Go”. Then when we all finished we lined up and made our long journey back to school so we could get dismissed. When we were dismissed some people went home, some went back to the festival and some went to buy delicious foods and drinks as reward for doing such great at the festival.


We played for Melbourne Storm at AAMI PARK!

On  Thursday 5th of July we went to AAMi park to see an epic game of rugby between Melbourne Storm and The Dragons.  It was a very cool experience because of the fact that we were up close to the game.

Our favourite part was playing for the Melbourne Storm in the student team against another group of students at half time.  We were very nervous because it a once lifetime experience as there were twelve thousand people watching us played rugby on the main ground. The sound of the crowd cheering was amazing and very loud, especially with the cheerleaders singing and dancing right next to where we were playing.


Mandy, Jaslyn,  and Trevor

Parliament Comes to Springvale

On Thursday we had an incursion with two people from the Australian Parliament Education group. They came to our school and taught us how a bill is passed in Australian parliament.

After the chat we did a role play. We were the speaker and the clerk. It was our first time being the speakers and we were very excited.

It was really fun and cool that we were the characters of the Parliament. It will help us in the future when we have a problem or for understanding the laws and how Australia is run.

From Martin and Anthony

The Musical Talents of 5/6MM

We have been learning to play the recorder in 5/6 MM. This song is called ‘Jamaican Jack’ and is played in two parts, half of the class playing each part. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Here is a reflection by Tyson:
In Music with Mrs D’Souza we are practising how to play “Jamaican Jack’ on the recorder. Some people were playing recorder one, and some people played recorder two. Each part has different notes. The reason we played each part was to make one big sound with interesting parts within the sound.

It is important to learn how to play the recorder because we might like to become musicians and it is relaxing. It also teaches us hand eye coordination. I think music is the best because I get hand practice and I like the way it sounds.

A Students Reflection of Sovereign Hill Camp

5/6MM went to Sovereign Hill for camp and participated in the Schools Program. This is  where student’s were given clothes from the 1850’s and participated in the schooling of this period on the goldfields. We also experienced how to pan for gold (a found some), went into a mine, and one lucky student even got to hold a $170,000 bullion.

This is Lilina’s reflection of her experience.


The most exciting thing I experienced at  Sovereign Hill was the ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ show.

At Sovereign Hill I learnt more about the schooling and how it was strict and and that punishments were dire.

This learning was important to me in the modern world because I could get a feel of how hard it was it survive back then with all the diseases and that I shouldn’t take everything I have for granted.

At the Costumed School Experience:

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

I learnt first-hand the kind of fear a teacher can inflict on a student if homework was not done, or an answer be terribly incorrect.

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part was when the Vicar came in to inspect us, and although it was slightly frightening, it was also hilarious when the cane he was waving around snapped in his hand.

What emotions did you feel during the program and when?

I was excited, alert, afraid, humoured, flattered and relieved.


WeDo Experience!

Today in class we learnt to use WeDo Lego and we built a robot called Milo. We first build with Lego and we went on the WeDo app and went on a program to Bluetooth our robot.

I learnt the new skill of how to program a robot. I Learnt the skills of turning Milo’s head back and forth and using sounds for our robot. At first I did it wrong but then I had to Bluetooth it.

Why I found this interesting was because we could learn more about robots and it was fun to play with and control the robot.

By Cathy 5/6MM


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5/6MM students and Mr. Morris